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Welcome to the page dedicated to the Products & Services DRS Custom Fabrication can do for you!

DRS Custom Fabrication is a Liscenced and Insured contractor. Below are the skills that make DRS Custom Fabrication what it is today. It covers the most basic services that are often preformed by Don and his team. Along with the skills are a brief description of what they entail.

Contractor (construction)

  • Demolition: When installing cabinets, built-ins or completely redesigning a room, removal of the existing contents is also covered by DRS Custom. Some examples of demolition include removal of drywall, flooring, and ceilings. Also, once the drywall is down often the client finds out the rooms framing is off, and can use DRS Custom to reframe the room for better home integrity. DRS Custom also removes the trash from the site and relocates it to a dumping area.

  • Framing: Need a room built from scratch; or how about an entire structure? We specialize in framing level and well built rooms/structures to add aesthetics in smooth and balanced wall design. This also aids in the overall strength of the wall itself and any built-in’s going into the walls.

  • Drywall/Painting: More services covered by DRS Custom, as we are your one stop shop for getting the entire job done with absolutely no hassle.

  • Roofing/Siding/Drainage: Have exterior needs? DRS Custom can finish or refurbish a structure with your choice exterior roofing and siding. Also, if you have lots of rain or drainage issues, piping can be installed along the exterior of the structure below the ground to ensure there is no flooding.


  • Purchase of raw materials: We have lumber distributors on hand to get the right woods for the project. Throughout the years Don has made contacts all over the lumber industry and is able to attain quality wood quickly and at relatively low cost.

  • Hand cut and molded pieces: The raw materials are not just fed into some machine to churn out the same products, but instead they are hand cut, measured, and assembled to produce a unique piece that is unlike no other. Don and his team only use the best glues, fabrication, and geometrical design to create products that can last lifetimes.

  • Refining: Once assembled the pieces are refined with procedures such as sanding, filing, and reshaping to provide smoothness and exactness.

  • Finishing: Once refined the pieces are prepared and finished. Often using primers, wood sealers, wood stains, and varnishes you can be sure that the product will come out looking good. These finishes are applied by hand to ensure that all the wood receives an even coat and proper amount of finish. This helps protect your wood products from everyday usage, harmful solvents, potent stains, and decay of the wood.

  • Hardware: Once the wood is assembled and finished, DRS Custom can add any type of hardware to your cabinets, drawers, dressers, or other products, giving them the exact look that you want. Installation of hardware can be very risky without the proper experience as drilling holes in the wrong places can completely compromise the item itself. Luckily, we have been doing this for years and this is something we have perfected over time.